“My journey has been about personal alchemy… exploring the mysteries of my soul and my environment, and learning to bring all aspects, the light and the dark, together with the transcending ingredient… love. The more I uncover and nurture the wounded aspects of my being, the more whole and grounded I feel and the more my outer world reflects the love, wonder and magic I have discovered inside”.

Christina Lavers is a writer, an artist, a creative enthusiast, and an inner world explorer. Born in Montreal Quebec, Canada, she now lives with her life partner and son in a rainforest pocket in the hills behind Coffs Harbour, NSW Australia. She spends her time playing, creating, growing and sharing.

Christina is devoted to assisting people to find and connect with their own creative magical current that flows deep within. She is now offering a comprehensive e-course designed to help people light up their world with passion and creativity. You can access Section One here for free! (This course has recently been updated. Check out the striking new look here: Section 1 Free.)

Christina has also recently published her first full length book, a memoir about her wild awakening journey entitled Jump Into the Blue, and she is currently working on the next one.

My crystal journey began in earnest several years ago. I had always been attracted to the beauty of crystals and stones. My first 'business' at four years old was collecting rocks to draw on and sell on an upturned cardboard box at the end of our driveway. Later in University I used to love to go the campus museum and visit the mineralogy floor. I was awed by the beauty of the natural gems that filled the room, and could spend ages getting lost in the deep colors and amazing formations. But it was only years later, after I developed MS, that I began to explore the metaphysical properties of crystals. I had long been aware of, and connected to, the deeper levels of being, so when I read somewhere about natrolite and scolecite's ability to help sooth and balance the nervous system, I was open to the idea and decided it wouldn't hurt to buy a couple pieces and see if they had any effect.

My search for a good source for these stones (as they are not super common) put me in touch with geologists and 'crystal people' around Australia. I eventually got a lovely specimen of each stone and from there the influence of stones on my life continued to expand. I loved the way these crystals made me feel when they were in my hand and began to work with them frequently. Since I was having such pleasant results with these particular stones I began to research other stones and their properties and before long my romance with minerals was full blown.

I found the quality of my life was greatly improved with the help of crystals. The better I got at tuning into a stones vibrational frequency, the more enamored I became. I started to put together little packs of stones that had the qualities that would help me to successfully navigate whatever I had on for the day.

Eventually my excitement and passion for crystals became so powerful that I began to wonder if maybe it was time to take it to a new level and start to play a part in distributing crystals to people around the world. But there were already a lot of people selling crystals, I wasn't sure it was for  me. Then on my birthday my husband gifted my a large chunk of druzy quartz and as I held it, I received a clear understanding that it was time, and I clearly saw the direction I needed to take. It came to me that I should share my crystal blends and make beautiful pouches to contain them. From there everything unfolded with ease and grace. The crystals called me to be an agent for them, to combine my magic with theirs, to spread more love and joy in the world, and I humbly accepted the task.