Custom Orders

I create custom designed packs. If you have a special request please let me know and together we can develop the perfect blend to meet your specific requirements. You can be a vague or specific as you like with the request. With less detailed requests I will use my intuition to select the crystals that want their essences to be added to the mix. With specific information I will identify the perfect stones to meet the requirements. If I don't have the necessary crystals on hand, I am happy to source them for you. I can work to whatever budget you set (minimum $70 for custom orders).

If you have a much loved piece of clothing or fabric that carries good feelings and memories and has a working size of min 30 x30 please feel free to post it to me and I will use it to make the custom pouch even more personal. (To avoid any misunderstandingdo not post until payment is confirmed)

To request a custom pouch please contact us through our Facebook page  or through the contact tab on this site

Examples of custom themes include, but are in no way limited to:

  • Personal Best
  • Heart Healing
  • Physical Healing
  • Emotional Balance
  • Energetic Protection
  • Public Speaking
  • Will Power
  • Writers blend
  • Overcoming Fears
  • Confidence

All packs are carefully considered and designed to offer combinations of crystal qualities that work together to help us achieve our desired results. As well as awareness of the synergy that is created through the combination of stones and their associated attributes, aesthetics and value has also been considered. We offer a little bit of ancient magic, combined with beautiful quality and value, all wrapped up in a gorgeous home-made pouch.

The perfect gift! Whether for yourself or a special friend, these beautiful pouches combine the natural, timeless beauty of the Earth with a charming, functional design to create a stunning, high frequency gift.

Each pouch comes packed in a box with printed descriptions of the blends included.

All crystals are cleansed prior to packing to ensure you receive clear stones with vibrant energies ready to be worked with and integrated.

Weight when listed is only an approximation for postal requirements.

Custom Example

Personal Best

Budget $135 +Postage

This person has creative interests as well as pursuits that require him to accurately and confidently read people and situations. He also has a thirst for understanding himself and the deeper aspects of reality.

Blue calcite was added to this blend because of its abilities to assist communication, especially to help recognize the subtle levels of communication that occur beyond the spoken word, and for its ability to boost intuitive awareness. Blue Kyanite is included for its ability to clear and align the chakras ensuring that our connection to the universe is flowing. Australian Opal is highly prized as a power stone that nurtures positivity and assists us to push past fears and blocks. It also connects one’s highest spiritual aspirations with the physical body making it easier to anchor inspired ideas into physical reality. Azurite resonates with the high chakras (third eye and crown) and is known to encourage mystical experience and assist with connecting to the deeper layers of reality. The crown shaped apophylite is included for its ability to stimulate the pineal gland and to spiritually energize the physical vessel. It also promotes a calm, relaxed sense of happiness that helps to release negative thought patterns. Fluorite is added for its ability to enhance mental clarity and focus.

Heart: The rose quartz radiates a calm, gentle, reassuring loving energy that helps us to operate from the heart. The kunzite brings in love from the higher dimensions, helping us to remember our divine connection. The emerald emits the purist form of green ray energy that helps us to let go of negativity.

Green jade, the stone of luck and prosperity, with its harmonious, peaceful nature helps to connect with divine flow. Sunny citrine is included for its ability to promote optimism and confidence. Tiger Iron is included for its ability to help nurture a solid, grounding connection to the Earth, and for its ability to promote strong willpower and physical strength. Smokey Quartz is included because it helps to engender a positive state, absorbs stress and negativity, and grounds energy into the physical. Apache Tear is included for its protective qualities and its ability to help us recognize negative situations. The galena is included because of its ability to promote grounding calmness and insight. Pyrite is included for its ability to ground our energy and to overcome feelings of inadequacy, making it easier to reach our full potential.

Magnify: A double super zingy 500 million year old Herkimer diamond is included for its ability to expand and enhance ideas and imagination, and for its ability to balance the right and left side of the brain. Clear quartz points are also included for their magnifying ability.