Working with Crystals

Crystals can be keys that assist us to discover and work with our own inner energies. Because at a molecular levels crystals are arranged in an extremely ordered structure they are one of the highest expressions of physical matter. Their vibrations are pure and undistorted, and have the ability to influence human vibrations. The more we learn to work with crystals, and open to their subtle teachings, the more familiar we become with the same energies we all carry within. Crystals won't do the work for us, but they can suportively, patiently, and consistently help us to identify, become familiar with, and harness our own internal profound powers that are often buried or obscured deep within.


One of the most important keys to accessing the deeper, subtler levels of being is a well developed imagination and ability to visualize. Imagination is our inner vision. It is the magical bridge between the everyday and the ethereal realm, the gateway between the finite and the infinite.  Einstein was a huge believer in the power of imagination and used it as an important tool for scientific exploration. He arrived at the theory of relativity by imagining himself riding on a beam of light!

In crystal work using the imagination to visualize subtleties of energy work is a means to emphasize and animate our intent, making it more tangible and precise. For example we can use our imagination to visualize a powerful, vibrant connection between particular crystals; we can imagine the energy of a crystal moving through our physical body, entering every cell; or we can use it when cleansing to visualize the old energy leaving the crystal. All these mental visions will enhance our work. The more detailed and precise our visualization is the  more successful the work is likely to be.


I find one of the best approaches to crystal work is adopting a light-hearted, childlike, playful tone. The rigid, controlling ego tends to take things way too seriously, and can get in the way of our work through over thinking and criticism. However, when we adopt a playful approach, allowing ourselves to be open and explore ideas with a childlike curiosity, the ego (inner perfectionist) assumes the pursuit mustn’t be very important and thus relaxes and doesn’t try to control the process. However, while the ego might not think so, this light-hearted approach is actually incredibly valuable because it resonates  beautifully with the style of the right-side of the brain, and deeper levels. By allowing ourselves to be playful we can easily access the rich, dynamic energy of the subtle realms.

Another benefit of taking a playful approach to our crystal work is that it makes the activity more likely to be an uplifting and relaxing one that encourages our brains to operate in the peaceful alpha brainwave mode. In the alpha state we are more receptive and reflective, our ability to visualize is heightened,  and cognitive inhibitions are decreased. So take the time to feel, connect, admire,  arrange, and have fun with your crystals!


One of my favorite tools to use with my crystals is light. Light brings out the visual magic in translucent crystals and can reveal dreamy, magical landscapes hidden within. When I focus on the way light plays with the translucent colors of a crystal I can get lost in the electrifying beauty.



Everything has an energetic signature. One of the reasons crystals are so awesome to work with is that their natural geometric  structure creates a perfect  frequency that is harmonious, ordered, and cohesive. When the clear energetic field of a crystal comes into contact with our own energetic field it has the ability to positively influence it. For this reason as long as a crystal is close enough to our being we will reap the positive benefits. We can carry crystals in our pocket, backpack, or handbag; place them on a night stand, in our pillow case, or under our bed; or wear them as jewellery. For the most direct and immediate results skin contact is recommended; the the simplest approach being a crystal held  in an enclosed hand.

Crystal Alchemy Arts  pouches are designed to make crystal blends safely portable and accessible. The pouches can be hung up, tucked in bed with us, or opened for easy access and a beautiful display.


Meditation is one of the most powerful and effective ways to really become aware of a crystal's specific gifts. In meditation we can hold crystals in our hands, place them on our bodies, or have them resting nearby. The awareness and focus cultivated during a meditation can help us to attune to a crystal's particular frequency. When using a pouch several crystals can sit comfortably in our lap and help to ground and enhance our metaphysical experience.

Auric Field

Crystals can also be used to cleanse and charge our auric field, our personal energy systems that surround us. Combing specific crystals through the air around us will allow their properties to transform the energy directly around us, assisting us to maintain a healthy and vibrant energy system.


Grids are a great way to use crystals for a number of reasons. For one they mirror the natural structured order of a crystal. Placement also allows us to influence which crystals more directly work with others to create the desired synergistic effect. As well grids are a great way to add our own creative flair into the mix. There are infinite ways that crystals can be arranged, and creating our own unique formation personalizes the experience.

Crystal Alchemy Arts pouches are designed to be a simple and beautiful sacred space that when opened fully creates the perfect foundation for your crystal grid.


Crystals can be placed around our homes to spread their their beautiful energy through our environment, ensuring it is uplifting and harmonious.

Crystal Alchemy Arts pouches are designed to enhance the beauty and vibration of whatever space they are displayed in.


Baths are one of my favorite places to work with crystals. I do a lot of meditation and inner work when lying in the tub and I find crystals perfect for supporting these activities... as well as making the whole experience feel more lusciously magical and divine.


The more open we are, the more directly we feel the power of the crystals. Sometimes the effects of crystals can be instantaneous, sometimes, especially the higher or more subtle frequencies may take time and focus to connect with. For example when feeling upset or overwhelmed I find a piece of smokey quartz can swiftly ameliorate my state. Within minutes of holding one, I will notice I feel calmer and more centered. Whereas with some of the higher frequency crystals it may take a few times of meditating with a piece in hand to really experience its gifts. Of course one's relationship with crystals is highly personal and some people will naturally be more attuned and resonate more easily with some than others. Often we are drawn to just the stone we need at that time, however, it can useful to remember that all stones will have something to offer us, and sometimes it can be the stones we are less drawn to that have the very qualities that we need to develop in ourselves. For example, I personally have noticed that I am more drawn to blue, pink, green and white stones, but I have had issues with grounding and physical energy levels, and eventually realized that I benefited by including more earth based energy stones in my crystal work.